Montrose Custom Home Owner - 9/5/2017

"We feel so fortunate to have found you guys to build our house!"

Nevada Landing Home Owner - 6/12/2017

"Thanks to all for wrapping up the last minute details, and everyone for building a beautiful home. The senior project manager really knew how to close the deal. The super and assistant were extremely professional and pleasant. The admin and design team did great work too. This is our sixth home, and those have included an acrhictect/custom home, a major remodel, two builder homes, and two spec homes. This has the look and feel of a custom home."

411 W. Bell Street Homeowner - 9/19/2016

"A big thanks to the Mazzarino family and team for the welcome basket! We are very much looking forward to making this house our home."

410 W. 24th Street Homeowner - 9/19/2016

"We love our home!"

W 25th Street Homeowner - 1/18/2016

"Hi Richard,

My husband and I live in one of your homes on W 25th St. in Shady Acres and LOVE it.  You have always been a great help over the years (even helping me track down someone to fix the window treatments when our new rescue dog put them in need of repair.)  I'm also a mortgage lender, and have had the pleasure of helping a few of your buyers with their home purchase financing... I [shared] lots of great things about our experience with our home, quality of work and you and your team.  I also said that I wasn't sure there could be a better compliment to a builder, than to say that as we start to outgrow our home on W 25th and think about where we want to move, at the top of our list is a Mazzarino Construction home!  

 Thanks again for being a great builder!"

3905 Floyd Homeowner - 9/16/2015

"We LOVE our home and appreciate your diligence in making sure the few items we’ve had since closing were fully addressed....The home is everything we hoped it would be and the attention you’ve all given the warranty items has made this experience great… Again, many thanks!"

605 East 27th Street Homeowner - 9/15/2014

"Richard, wanted to take the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the assistance that your super has provided us over the last year...his responsiveness, hard work and constant professionalism has been extremely beneficial in leading us through the process and relieving stress to the extent possible. Thanks again for our beautiful home."

928 W 25th St Unit B Homeowner - 5/14/2014

"We love our home.  The quality is great, and interior is gorgeous!!  We tell people all the time who our builder is and how happy we are here.  Thanks for a great home!!"

Kiam Street Townhomes Owner - 1/21/2014

“Thanks Richard, you are truly a Builder that stands behind your word and I appreciate that"